What do I need to install and run Flow Server?

You need a platform running Ubuntu Server 16.04

This can be a Linux Ubuntu machine or VM or cloud instance (e.g. AWS or Azure).
The ‘Flow Server Installer’ package can be deployed from Linux, Windows or Mac.

Required Specification:

  • Ubuntu Server 16.04
  • 4 CPU cores
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 64 GB Drive
  • 1 GB Network Interface

Proxy storage

Proxies are stored on your system disk so add on what you think the proxy storage may need to be.

  • Flow and its packages currently needs about 5 GB
  • Proxy storage at 1mbit/sec is approx 2 hours per GB

Important: These are the minimum system requirements. If you have heavy workloads, a lot of content or a large number of users, we would recommend a much higher specification machine: more RAM, larger drives and more CPU cores.

Will Flow work with my current storage?

Flow is already tested with multiple vendors storage platforms. These include Avid ISIS, NEXIS platforms, StorageDNA platforms and any storage solution thats supports SMB Mounting.

What do I need to run Flow client software?

You need a Windows or Mac machine.

Flow Story and Flow Automation are currently desktop applications. Flow Control and AirFlow are browser-based - best performance on Google Chrome, alternatively Mozilla Firefox. You will need a network or internet connection between server and client.