Is Flow new?

No it’s not! In fact Flow has been in the marketplace for over 10 years. Flow has simply uncoupled from the EditShare storage platform.

Will this new version of Flow work with EditShare storage?

No. This new version is not currently compatible with EditShare EFS scale-out storage nodes and cannot be used.

Why was Flow uncoupled from EditShare hardware?

We understand that third-party storage comes in many flavours. Typical storage platforms are simple storage buckets, offering little benefit to workflows. Flow provides an additional layer of ‘intelligence', adding file management capabilities.

Who is using Flow?

1000s of customers already! From major broadcasters to Film houses right through to major Reality TV programming, Flow’s client base is vast.

What’s new in Flow 2019?

In addition to better video and audio codec support, improved workflow tools and interchange improvements with leading NLEs, the latest release of Flow provides greater support for cloud storage services, including Amazon Glacier, Archiware P5, Backblaze and Microsoft Azure. The full list of Features and Improvements can be found in the Flow Readme document here:

How many versions of Flow are available?

To meet the needs of a variety of customers, there are three tiers of Licence plan: Basic, Advanced and Enterprise - which offer different features and levels of support.

Can I try Flow today?

Yes you can! A 14 day free trial is available.

Do I need a server?

Yes you do. In order for Flow to operate you need to have the minimum system requirements - see Tech Specs

I’ve got a mix of Macs, Windows and Linux machines, will that matter?

No it doesn't! Flow will work with all three operating systems.

Can I talk to other Flow users?

Yes, on there is a private Flow forum. You can discuss workflow improvements, installations procedures, tips and tricks and so on.

My server does not match the minimum criteria.

You must have the server matching the minimum criteria in order to gain from the full experience of Flow.

I’ve got an Avid NEXIS shared storage platform, will it work?

Yes it will! We have tested and qualified it working with the Avid ISIS and NEXIS platform from day one.

What other storage do you support?

Whilst there are 1000s of storage vendors in the marketplace, any solution that supports SMB protocol should work perfectly. We have qualified other vendors too such as StorageDNA platforms.

Do I need to purchase license for every machine?

A Flow software license is based on the number of simultaneous users accessing the program. It typically deals with software running from the Flow server where users connect via the network. For example, in a five-user concurrent use license, after five users are logged on to the program, the sixth user is prohibited. When one user logs out, this license is freed up by the server for another person to use.

Is Support included?

Yes, email and forum support is included in all three Licence plans. Enterprise licence holders benefit from ‘Live Support’ (Telephone, IM etc).

How many Flow clients can be installed and used concurrently?

Whether you’re a small team or an organization with hundreds of staff, the sky's the limit! If your bandwidth is good enough and your service is quick enough, you can install on as many client machines as you want. The Licence plans require a minimum of 2 users for Basic licences and a minimum of 5 users for Advanced and Enterprise plans.

I’ve used some other remote editing programs, what's different about Flow Story?

Flow Story is directly connected to the central MAM, enabling you to edit remotely with both local content on your system and content stored back at base. It excels as a fast 'proxy editor' - enabling remote teams to edit material in situations where time and bandwidth are limited.

I’ve got other creative editing platforms, will this make them redundant?

Flow Story works with your existing creative suites, sharing projects and metadata. Clients can use Flow Story as a very fast turnaround editor and then export the timeline directly to another solution such as Adobe Premiere Pro, FCP X, Lightworks and Avid Media Composer Ultimate.

What about proxy creation, will this slow down my workflow?

Proxy creation is all about power - limited by your server's CPU and read/write speed. Where Flow is installed on multiple servers, with the Advanced and Enterprise plans, you can designate servers as 'Worker Nodes' to deliver performance gains to various areas, including proxy creation.

How do I administer my licenses?


Can I request a quote for Flow today?

Yes you can, contact your nearest EditShare approved reseller or our Global Sales team can assist you with a quote today.

What licensing system do you use?

Our proprietary ELS licensing system will enable you to license machines whilst online or offline.

I have Flow 2018.x, how do I update to Flow 2019.x?

  1. ssh to the Flow server(s)
  2. Run “sudo python” - the server will collect the update.
  3. Select option: “3/ Update Flow”