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Flow MAM

The smarter way

Thousands of assets, scattered across multiple servers and USB devices throughout your facility. Recognise this picture? There is a smarter way. Flow takes care of handling all your media by indexing every file you have, keeping them central and giving you an easy way to access them, through a simple, efficient UI. Welcome to Flow.

What makes Flow so awesome?

A solution that simplifies the burden of managing millions of assets on your central storage repository

Remote Workflows

Remote Workflows

No matter where you are located , start editing and collaborating with colleagues in real time over any network

Powerful Toolset

Powerful Toolset

With the Flow Automation module you can automate everyday tasks from backup to transcoding, all from the powerful node based automator

Scale Up


Scale when your facility needs to. With easy payment options from monthly rental or yearly, Flow enables your creative to have the tools, when they need them

Easy deploy

Easy to Deploy

It works on your hardware, download today and be set up in a matter of minutes

Getting started with Flow

Highly Compatible

Flow works with a wide range of 3rd party storage solutions

… most servers that support SMB/CIFS sharing!